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Moon Charmed

Moon Charmed


These beautiful faceted moon gemstones are hand carved to produce the brilliant shine that can be seen.

Onyx - This stone should be worn over a long period of time as it’s energy develops slowly over time. It helps to deflect negative energy, promotes harmony and self-confidence. It also helps with skin problems. Discharge under running water & charge in the earth.

Moonstone - This is a very mystical & magical stone. It is known to help strengthen the immune system, lower anxiety, and promotes good digestion. It can also help with balancing hormones, and eases pregnancy & birth. Discharge with hematite & charge under the full moon.

Lapis Lazuli - This is a very powerful stone, known for increasing intuition and wisdom. It help to promote understanding of ourselves & others, as well as help to relieve feeling related so o depression. Discharge with hematite & charge with other stones.

925 Sterling Silver

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