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Yoga at Home

About Us

Bring a little into your

heart & home

Our gemstone jewelry & aromatherapy candles are handcrafted with magical intention, empowering them with healing vibes. Made with the highest quality ingredients & materials to keep your home naturally toxin & waste free.

I started creating these products about ten years ago, just for myself at first. I was looking for support through my struggles with mental health. In my search for better coping mechanisms, I found peace in lighting candles. I felt grounded, protected & more self-aware wearing gemstones as bracelets & necklaces. Through my journey, I felt compelled to create. I channeled my crafty side through the creation of products that brought health & healing vibes to people. I use only the highest quality ingredients and materials, including: pure soy wax & essential oils in the candles, natural gemstones, sterling silver & 14k gold filled. These items are made to last as long as your heart & soul needs them. 

Check out what’s new at our store. Browse our selection of latest arrivals to find the newest products available at Sage’s Apothecary. Hurry up, some of these are unique items with limited availability that will sell quickly. Be the first to see our new items and take your pick of whatever you like the best. Happy shopping!

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