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Be My Virtual Valentine!

Hey all!

So the virtual Valentine day market is on right now! So far it has been crazy fun to make new stuff the shop that (I think) people would find romantic or just super sweet for their valentine.

I always love going to stores and picking out sweet thing for my honey, but it’s been a different shopping experience all together this year.

And I’m sure that this goes without saying, but Covid sucks. Like seriously, it just sucks. But hey! This is why I got so excited to do a market, and it almost feels like I’m back out there again. I love interacting with people at non-virtual markets, you meet amazing friends and vendors and somehow I always learn something new. And for me, I’m like a learning-aholic, it’s so fun and with everything I learn I become a better maker. I hear the things that people say, how they want different sizes, new colours, specific stones that people love, an everything else in between!

This market has been an epic learning experience, I have learned so much about my online presenc, which before this was not very present if ya know what I mean. In a nutshell, I suck at anything computer, internet website, Instagram, TikTok.... ALL of it. Lol. So this really has taught me a lot, and hopefully I can turn this into a more consistent presence and I am thinking of even venturing into the world of TikTok. Side note over here - downloaded it today and I offi get why people are obsessed with it! So addictive, Sage and I spent like 10 minute flipping through stuff and it was so hard to stop. Thank god I had to make dinner and charge my phone 😅

Anyways, let’s talk later,

Sarah ♥️

P.S.: save 20% this weekend with coupon code MOMCOLLECTIVE

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